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Just before New Year’s Eve 2020, I bought a Cricut machine. If you’re not familiar with Cricut, it’s basically a printer for crafters that draws and cuts instead of printing. You can make iron-ons, vinyl decals, cards and a whole bunch of other things. …

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I’d experienced incredible joy. I’d experienced overwhelming fear. I’d never experienced both of these so intensely and at the exact same time.

“Oh, a Spring baby” they’d say. “That’ll be great for going on walks when she’s born”. …

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What’s the most useful thing you saw online lately? A YouTube tutorial? A blog post that clearly explained something you’ve been trying to figure out? An inspirational story your friend posted to Facebook?

How did you get to the video and the blog? Odds are, you typed a phrase into…

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You could say I stumbled into my marketing career.

My path looked something like this:

  • I got a degree in magazine journalism and briefly worked in that field. Less than a year later, the magazine was acquired by another company and my position was eliminated.
  • I landed in the editorial…

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… no matter what you’re selling

A couple of years ago, my husband and I started a kitchen renovation. For three months, a sign stood on our lawn with the company’s name and contact information. Earlier this year, we needed our roof replaced. …

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I majored in journalism and I work in content marketing. Let’s just say my curiosity can lead me down some interesting rabbit holes.

Also relevant: my colleagues and I in the marketing department are used to receiving email pitches for everything from sales enablement platforms to translation services. …

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You brainstormed and strategized and researched. You outlined and wrote and edited. You added the perfect images. You published your work and…

Now what? Cross it off your to-do list and move on to the next thing?

What if I challenged you to create something new every day for a…

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Let’s get one thing out of the way: I am not a recruiter and I’m not a certified resume writer. What I am is someone who approaches job applications as a creative challenge. When I’ve applied to jobs in the past, I’ve always thought:

  • How can I stand out?
  • How…

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You’re probably thinking, “of course I’m a person!”

And yet, there are countless ways we seem to remove humans from the equation when we’re working furiously toward answering business questions and solving problems.

This topic came up earlier this year in a conversation with my husband and got stuck in…

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In my experience, using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation can be an extremely effective marketing strategy. It can also be an extremely expensive strategy and a waste of budget if you don’t put in the up-front work.

When I started running LinkedIn ads for my company two years ago, this…

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