Startup Founders: Are you Paying Attention?

Thought leadership isn’t a one-sided thing

Alyssa Greenfield
2 min readJan 23, 2023


This post originally appeared in my thought leadership newsletter for founders, Leading Out Loud.

Could I offer you an applesauce pouch?

It’s become a bit of a routine in our household: Our toddler eats a small amount of her dinner, then requests an applesauce pouch. She’s a professional snacker. Takes after her mom in that way. It’s not uncommon to find me driving to daycare pickup while drinking applesauce from a pouch. Cinnamon and strawberry are my favorite.

The other day, though, something interrupted our routine. As she went to twist open the top to her cinnamon applesauce, she stopped in her tracks.

“Oh no. Oh no no no no no,” she said. “Someone took the plastic off”.

I was confused at first, but when I looked at the cap, something did seem off. So I went searching for a slightly older pouch to compare. Sure enough, the newer design had less plastic. I was amazed that she noticed.

Now, I’m not asking you to notice subtle changes in the packaging design of your groceries. But I am asking you to pay attention. Because publishing content as a founder isn’t just about publishing content. It’s about knowing when to comment when something aligns with your perspective, when you have something to add to the conversation, and yes, when something doesn’t seem quite right.

Follow along with the people you need to reach. Investors, customers, founders of companies you’d love to partner with. Maybe they have a newsletter, blog, or an active LinkedIn account. Respond to those newsletters when the content resonates. Comment on those blogs. Say something about those LinkedIn posts. This isn’t a one-sided game.

Does it take more time than a toddler downing two applesauce pouches in a row? Slightly. Will it pay off in big ways? Absolutely.

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