There are Content Ideas Hiding Inside Your Calendar

A simple way to find new things to write about

Alyssa Greenfield
2 min readJan 23, 2023


This post originally appeared in my thought leadership newsletter for founders, Leading Out Loud.

Need inspiration? Open your work calendar and go back anywhere from a few months to a full year (or more).

  1. Scroll through week-by-week, skimming the meetings and events you attended
  2. Whenever one stands out and jogs a memory, drop it into a doc and make a note of what you remember
  3. Keep repeating until you get to the current date
  4. Then, go back to your list a little at a time and turn the things that stood out into posts. As you’re writing, think about what made each event stand out
  • Did it mark a business or personal milestone (big or small)?
  • Did it teach you something that helped you become a better founder?
  • Did something happen that was totally unexpected?

A lot of events on your calendar might be forgettable. But the ones that stand out? They’re probably worth writing about.

So tell me: What calendar highlights will be making their way into your content soon?

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