Startup Founders: Here’s How to Turn Your Pitch Deck Into Thought Leadership Content

You’re short on time. So why not repurpose your hard work?

  • What stats did you include? Now go a step further. What stories can you tell (real or hypothetical) that showcase the human impact of those stats? How about the societal impact?
  • Now look at your vision slide. Spend some time thinking about how you arrived at that vision. Go as far back as you can, even before you decided to start a company. Every step on the path from “I have this crazy idea” to where you are today is a story worth telling. The big stuff and the little moments, too. How has your vision evolved over time? How has your industry? How has the world changed?
  • Next up? Your roadmap slide. Look at where you’ve been and where you want to go next. What stands out from the successes, setbacks, conversations with your target customers, etc.?
  • Then there’s your team slide. When you think about the people you included here, what stories and memories come to mind? Why was working with them a no-brainer?



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Alyssa Greenfield

Thought leadership strategist and ghostwriter for startup founders | Sharing content that supports fundraising, team building and customer acquisition