Founder Thought Leadership: What to Write About When You’re Feeling Stuck

How to keep coming up with fresh content

Alyssa Greenfield
2 min readJan 23, 2023


This post originally appeared in my thought leadership newsletter for founders, Leading Out Loud.

Running out of content ideas? Send these three emails to your team:

“I get the value of consistent content, but I don’t have that much to talk about. I’m worried I’ll run out of ideas”.

I hear this a lot. The next time you feel that way, fire up your email and send these three messages:

To your sales team:

Subject: Objections from prospects
Message: I’d love to create content that helps our prospects decide whether [insert name of your company] is the right fit. Could you share some recent objections you’ve heard during sales calls and how you addressed them?

To your customer service team:

Subject: Questions from customers
Message: I’d love to create content that helps our customers get the most out of [insert name of your company]. Could you share some recent questions you’ve received and how you’ve answered them?

To your operations team (or anyone who analyzes company data):

Subject: Question about company data
Message: I’d love to create content that highlights some of the data we have on our product and how customers are using it. Could you share some first-party data that might be interesting to write about?

As a founder, you don’t have to create content alone. Plus, there’s no way for you to be tapped into every single little thing. So let your team be your thought leadership eyes and ears.

And if you’re just getting started and don’t have a team yet, I bet you can still answer these based on your own experience.

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