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  • Scott Stratten

    Scott Stratten

    5x Best-Selling Author, 6th book “The Jackass Whisperer: How to Deal With The Worst People on Earth” coming Nov 2019. Keynote Speaker, UnPodcast Co-host.

  • Leah Silber

    Leah Silber

    CEO at Tilde | EmberConf, RustConf and RailsConf Organizer | Ember.js Core Team member, retired jQuery Core Team Member | All around technophile

  • Leila Nazari

    Leila Nazari

    Marketing advisor to B2B startups. Exploring new & unconventional ideas on technology, marketing, and culture. www.leilanazari.com

  • Eric Ramos

    Eric Ramos

    I help you focus on what matters most through Data Integration and Analysis | Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Guru| https://www.linkedin.com/in/eramos42/

  • Alex Cheng

    Alex Cheng

    Venture Capitalist | Entrepreneur | Partner of Catalyst Ventures | Founder of Telkie | about.me/alexcheng | www.catalystventures.co

  • Will Leitch

    Will Leitch

    Writer, New York, NYT, MLB, WaPo, others. Founder, Deadspin. Author of five books, including “How Lucky,” in bookstores now. https://williamfleitch.substack.com

  • Mia Birdsong

    Mia Birdsong

    Writer, activist. I wrote a book: How We Show Up (Hachette, June 2020)

  • Richie Crowley

    Richie Crowley

    Rode a bike across America, wrote about it. Went sober, wrote about it. Built RICKiRICKi, wrote about it. Is a human, writing about it | Cr3ate @ RICKiRICKi.com

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